Specials vary frequently and celebrate seasonal produce from the region



VANILLA RASPBERRY RICE PUDDING with rhubarb, strawberry compote, mint salad and flaked almonds. (V/GF/DFO) $00

YOGURT VANILLA PANNA COTTA & OUR MUESLI toasted in local honey with cranberries, macadamia nuts, quince and strawberries. $00

TOASTED SULTANA & ORANGE LOAF with local honey and butter. (V) $00

TOAST & SPREADS with local honey, our strawberry jam or orange marmalade on your choice of sourdough, light rye or honey wholemeal. (GFO) $00

SCRAMBLED EGGS & SMOKED SALMON with sourdough toast, Meredith chevre and beetroot pickle. (GFO) $00

BIG BREAKFAST of fried eggs, bacon, avocado, slow roasted roma tomatoes, kransky, roasted mushroom, our tomato relish and toast. (NO MODS) $00

TWO LOCAL FREE RANGE EGGS poached, fried or scrambled on your choice of sourdough, light rye or honey wholemeal toast. (GFO) $00

AVOCADO SALSA FRESCA with organic heirloom tomatoes, a poached egg and rocket pesto on toasted Toscano olive bread. (V/GFO) $00

GREEN IS GOOD with asparagus, kale, spinach, avocado, broccoli, silverbeet, poached eggs, toasted sesame and rocket pesto on wholewheat toast. (V/GFO) $00

VEGIE BEANS cassoulet of Boston beans with okra, asparagus, baby tomatoes, fried egg, gratin of farmhouse cheddar and toast soldiers. (V/GFO/DFO) $00

QUINOA POTATO CAKES & GRAVLAX with house cured ocean trout, crunchy croquettes, poached egg, mixed lettuce and labna. (GF) $00

EGGS BENEDICT with two poached eggs on ciabatta, topped with hollandaise and Grandmother ham. $00

HUEVOS LA FLAMENCA Spanish baked eggs with Istra chorizo, tomato, capsicum, potato braise and toast. (GFO/DF) $00


Slow roasted roma tomatoes / roasted Swiss brown mushrooms $00

Bashed avocado / marinated Meredith goats cheese $00

Local bacon / grilled Istra kransky / black pudding $00

Boston baked beans $00

Wilted kale / spinach / silverbeet $00

Smoked salmon / house cured ocean trout gravlax $00

Extra egg $00

Our beetroot relish / tomato relish / BBQ sauce $00

Our strawberry jam / orange marmalade / local honey $00

Fast food

H.C.T of ham, provolone cheese and tomato with salsa verde on toasted country loaf. $00

LARDER B.L.A.T of crispy bacon, mixed lettuce, bashed avocado and tomato with house mayo on sourdough. Add a fried egg +2.0 (GFO/DF) $00

PULLED PORK ROLL with slow roasted Western Plains pork, coleslaw, chipotle mayo and pickles on a toasted brioche roll. $00

smoked chicken salad with chickpeas, currants, toasted almonds, sliced apricot, pumpkin seeds, sunflower kernels, pomegranate and curried mayonnaise. (GF) $00

Vietnamese chicken coleslaw with marinated free range chicken, organic herbs, wombok and roasted peanuts. (GF/DF) $00

THICK CUT FRIES hand cut from locally farmed potatoes with rosemary salt and our mayo. (GF/DF) $00

HUSH PUPPIES Southern American style fried cheese and herb balls with BBQ sauce and mayo. (V)$00


LARDER TASTING PLATE Select two items from the list of homemade produce below, served with toasts. GFO +5.0 $00

One of everything above with toasts. $00

– Grandma's chicken and pork terrine with cucumber pickles.

– Chicken liver and sherry parfait with tomato relish.

– Smoked trout mousse with beetroot relish.

– Mushrooms and hazelnuts.

– Beetroot, cranberries and currants.

– Olive tapenade.

– Blue cheese mousse with caramelised figs.

RIGATONI PASTA with broccoli, pine nuts, shallots, chilli, parsley, garlic crumbs and provolone cheese. (V) $00

PAN FRIED BARRAMUNDI with chat potatoes, green beans, rocket, peas, toasted almonds and shallot dressing. (GF) $00

CHARGRILLED SCOTCH STEAK SANDWICH made with local fillet, house mayo, lettuce, tomato and beetroot relish on toasted sourdough. $00


1/2 serve of eggs on toast. $00

Baked beans and cheddar tortilla. $00

Chicken, lettuce and mayo wrap. $00

Ham and cheese on toast. $00